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Our Mission

Providing quality visual services, striving to fulfill clients’ individual needs!

Our Services

Visual marketing is utilized in every industry. We are here to help provide marketing services to established businesses at a fraction of the standard cost.

We offer services such as branding, advertising, social media management, photography, and videography. We look forward to expanding our services into needs such as marketing strategizing, merchandise design, and website development.

Our Owner

My name is Samuel Immanuel, I am the Owner of AQ Visuals. I have completed my education in Marketing as well as Visual Communications. I greatly enjoy Visual Marketing and have a passion for developing brands through my abilities.

My initial interest in my current field started in the area of photography. As I pursued photography I began exploring other forms of visual arts such as video production and graphic design. During my time in college, I discovered that I had a growing interest in Marketing. I found that marketing and visual arts worked together phenomenally! I quickly developed several projects that allowed me to mix the two interests and create many different forms of visual marketing.

My practice and development of my skills served me well once I began working in marketing positions. Allowing my creativity, knowledge, and experiences to push brands forward with each task I took on. I now look forward to doing the same with a small business that wishes to further develop its brand through visual marketing.

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