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Available Services

Marketing Assessment

Analysis of the brand’s established online presence and marketing efforts. Conduct a simple SWOT to determine the strengths, and weaknesses and make recommendations on efforts that can be made moving forward to achieve a beneficial advantage through marketing

Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral is the collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. It’s the tangible evidence of the brand, designed congruent with the brand’s core values and personality. This includes designing tasks such as Business cards, Letterheads, General Signage, Email signatures, T-Shirt design, & Simple related branding tasks.

Social Media Content Creation

Forms of content created through this category consist of Social Media image posts, social media written posts, and Social media branding such as Facebook cover images, Instagram highlight images, and profile pictures.

Staff Images

Images of Staff and those associated with the brand. Images may be taken against a simple background. Typically the image would be taken from just below the includes chest and up. This benefits the brand as it establishes a personable brand image and allows the market to place a face, or faces, to the organization. 

Simple Website Creation

A website displays professional establishments through an online platform. Despite website creation typically being a large and expensive task, with existing website hosts, a simple yet effective website can be created. The functions of a site such as this would consist of creating a home page with a summary and basic offerings of the brand.

Marketing Strategy and Direction

Discussion and a curated document to determine the desired advantage or efforts to be made in areas of service according to the package chosen. Review projected growth and establish goals and objectives expected to be met.

Highlight product/service photography

Photography of key products or services that are prominent for the brand. Capturing images that display outstanding merchandise, service types, and other offerings of a brand uniquely conveys what is available to consumers.

Social Media Analytics

Monitor and log social media performance and create reports to display activity. Analytic reviews can explain successes and efforts that prove to be beneficial to the brand. This serves as a tool to determine and curate future marketing efforts and business decisions.

Video Ad

A video advertisement allows the market to view your products, services, or other offerings through a short video. These videos compel potential customers to utilize the brands offerings as they familiarize themselves with an intriguing visual form of information. Answering brief who, what, where, why, and how questions, allowing them the prompt to utilize your products or service.

Brand Board

A Brand board is a visual reference for your brand identity. A summary of the look and feel of your brand. A typical brand board includes the brand’s logos, color palette, fonts, and imagery. Other details pertaining to the brand such as tone, target audience, and brand roots/foundation greatly influence this crucial part of the overall process.

Print Ads

Creation of advertisements such as Newspapers ads, Billboard ads, direct mail ads, brochures, and flyers.

Marketing Report

The Marketing reports presents an explanation of the successes of marketing efforts that prove to be beneficial to the brand. This also allows clarity of negative efforts or lack of efforts that harm the brand in areas of benefit such as profit/sales and brand image. This report serves as a tool to determine and curate future marketing efforts and business decisions.


Newsletter provides monthly updates on the brand’s growth, new offerings, improvements, and current information. Explanations of events and occurrences during that month


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